I don’t know what I would do if I had never discovered Plato’s Closet. I am addicted. But it is a good addiction… as with every visit I am either making or saving money.

Plato’s Closet is a secondhand clothing store that focuses on good quality, name-brand teen and young adult style clothing and accessories. I personally buy the majority of my clothing here and nobody ever knows that I pay up to 70% off of retail prices. The store will also buy your old clothing for either cash or store credit which can be a great way to gain funds to feed your shopping addiction.

Following are my tips and tricks you should consider when buying and selling at Plato’s Closet, so you can increase your chances of making money and finding the best items.

How to Sell

To sell to Plato’s Closet, all you need to do is bring in your good used condition brand name clothing and accessories to a store near you. There is no appointment needed. Plato’s Closet will buy ┬ámen’s clothes up to size 40 and women’s up to size 20. They will then take your items and sort through them to see if they would like to buy any of them from you. The process usually takes about 45 minutes depending on how much stuff you have. If they decide to buy anything, they will pay you on the spot cash or store credit for your items. They will usually pay you a third of what their selling price will be. They can be very picky with the items they choose to buy to maintain the quality of their brand. Learn more about the brands they like to buy here.┬áThat list does not include everything however. If a brand you have is popular right now, go ahead and try to sell it. To increase your chance of them buying, bring clothing that is in-season or slightly before the season. Don’t be afraid to ask the employees if they are looking for anything in particular to buy such as jeans or coats. Many stores are short on men’s clothing, so if you have a brother who wants to get some extra cash, send him to Plato’s Closet. The more clothes you bring in to sell, the better your chances are of them picking more items and you getting more money. Before getting rid of the items that don’t sell, try another location if you have one near you. With the items they don’t buy you can either donate them, or choose to sell them elsewhere such as on Poshmark or Thred-Up.

Tips for Buying

Most Plato’s Closets have an Instagram page. This is a great way to see some of the best new arrivals. If you see something you like on the Instagram you can call in to have them hold it for you in-store. I have my local Plato’s Closet’s post notifications on just incase something I want comes into the store. That way I can call immediately to place a hold before the item is purchased. Another tip to save money while buying is to get a rewards card. The card is absolutely free and they will stamp it each time you spend $10. Once all of the stamps are full, you get a coupon for 20% off! I like to save my coupons for big items that come into the store such as Ugg boots or Lilly Pulitzer dresses. Each Wednesday, they offer a 10% discount to anyone with a valid student ID. Throughout the year they also have sales and events to increase your savings, such as the Grab-Bag Sale, Clearance for a $1, and Student Days. Make sure to check your local Plato’s Closet and follow them on social media for specific dates.

What I Have Bought

I am fortunate enough to have been able to purchase many brand-name items of high quality from my local store. To give you an idea of the merchandise Plato’s Closet sells, here is a list of many of the brands I have bought there.

Vineyard Vines, Lilly Pulitzer, J. Crew, Victorias Secret Pink, Simply Southern, Kate Spade, Sperry Topsiders, Vans, Uggs, Coach, Lucky Brand, Nike, Free People, and many more.

If you have a Plato’s Closet near you, leave me a comment with the best thing you have ever purchased there. Now go out and find something Easy on the Wallet & Easy on the Eyes!



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